Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application Will I need to pay an application fee?

    FIS requires the payment of an application fee to complete your child’s application.
    Settlement of the application fee shall be made via bill payment, bank transfer, online credit card payment or cheque.
    This fee is levied to recover the costs incurred for the processing and administration of applications under the School’s admission procedures.
    Please note that this fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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  • Application Which class should I enroll my child in?

    In order to determine in which class your child shoud be enrolled in, please consult the following document:

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  • Application Do you have a priority system?

    The school admissions policy for both the French Stream and International Stream gives priority to certain applicants. The admissions priority serves as a guide used through the FIS admissions process and does not guarantee a place. The final decision for all applicants is at the discretion of our Admissions Committee.

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  • Application Where can I find my child rank(ing) on the waiting list?

    As our school follows an Admissions Priority System, the waiting lists are evolving constantly, the rank of your child can vary up and down according to our priority rules.
    Therefore we do not share any ranking with our applicants but every effort will be made to inform you about place availability and waiting list size so that you can make plan appropriately.

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  • Application Am I too late to apply for my child?

    It is never too late to apply at FIS!

    We regularly receive late applications such as from families who have just relocated to HK.
    At the time of the application, we will inform these families about their chances of joining or not our school.

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  • Application How early should I submit an application for my child?

    You can apply as soon as you have a birth certificate for your child.

    Whether it is for the French or the International stream, the application date has an impact on your child’s ranking on the waiting list. Therefore, we recommend to apply as soon as possible.

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  • Admission When can my child start school at the earliest?

    For our French stream, school starts from Petite Section (PS) and children must be aged 3 before 31 December of the entry school year of entry.
    For our International stream, school starts from Nursery (NS) and children must be aged 3 before 31 August of the school year of entry.

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  • Finance Can my child who is not yet at FIS apply for and receive a scholarship?

    All students currently attending FIS or on our waiting lists can submit an application for a scholarship.

    Yet, for applicants on our waiting lists, the scholarship will not be effective until admission has been finalized.

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