FIS Alumni Network

The FIS alumni network is an international community of former students from both the French and international streams. Hailing from over 40 different countries, members live and work across the globe.

This community has been further strengthened by the recent launch of the HKFISA Alumni Association. The Association will help former students keep in touch, will run events and provide a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing. Sign up today!

Here at FIS we are proud of our alumni and the career paths they have taken.

We celebrate your successes and are pleased to continue our connection as you make your way through the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


Dear former students and FIS staff, One of the HKFISA goals is to preserve a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship among alums and with the French International School. All of us here have shared similar experiences and we have this sense of belonging. Being part of our community gives you the opportunity to stay engaged, but also allows you to help new and potential students. Join us now ! Through our website and social media pages, to be part of our growing community ! By doing so, you can get involved with the Alumni Association, read about inspiring alumni/former staff accomplishments, find out about upcoming alumni activities, learn about on-campus events, volunteer and much more. Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you, Cyrielle DAPOT President of the HKFISA

A newly founded association

The HKFISA Alumni Association was established in January 2021.

The HKFISA Committee comprises three former FIS students:  

  • President: Mrs Cyrielle Dapot – Class of 1999, also currently working on the TKO campus 
  • Vice President: Mrs Tara Barot – Class of 2006
  • Treasurer: Mr Jean-Charles Herbet – Class of 2008

Through the French International School of Hong Kong’s Alumni Association, you can:
Build a community and collaborate with other former students
Identify personal and professional development opportunities
Help current students by sharing your own experience