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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Curriculum Where are your students heading to study after FIS?

    Each year, our students join the best universities and schools, both in France and around the world.
    They follow a very varied curriculum, having developed their career goals with the support of our guidance counsellors, according to their aspirations and personalities.
    More details on their destination countries and pursued degrees on our University guidance page.

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  • Curriculum How does FIS prepare its High School students for college/uni?

    Our school has full-time college counseling staff on hand to prepare our students for the demands of colleges worldwide, assist them with their application process and making their best college choice.
    Regular meetings with students, parents and schools fair/ schools conferences are organised along our student's journey at FIS.

  • Curriculum What are your students performances at the major exams ? (DNB (brevet) and Baccalaureat for the French Stream and IGCSE and IB for the International Stream)

    Here are our 2020/2021 academic results:
    100% of FIS student successfully passed the DNB, 87% were awarded honors or above
    100% of FIS student successfully passed the French baccalaureate, 78% were awarded honors or above
    100% of FIS student successfully passed the IGCSE, 70% achieved A*/As grades
    100% of FIS student successfully passed the International baccalaureate (IB), 64% achieved more than 35 points

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  • Curriculum How many students do you allocate per class?

    The classes sizes are determined by the Education Bureau and this for each of our 4 campuses.
    Some of our year groups may fill the maximum capacity and some may be under; our average size class is 23 students.

  • Curriculum Which curriculum is your school following?

    Our students attending the French Stream follow the French National Curriculum set by the French Ministry of Education which leads to the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) and the French Baccalauréat.
    Our students attending the International stream follow a programme based on the English National Curriculum enhanced for our international setting; IEYC/IPC in Primary and IMYC in Secondary. Students sit for the IGCSE and the IB.

  • Curriculum What is your teacher/students ratio?

    It depends on the year group. For instance, Reception year/Moyenne Section have one English speaking teacher and one French speaking teacher as well as a teaching assistant for 25 students. You can also include all specialist teachers (FLE, English as second language, Mandarin).
    Rest assured your child is well supported!