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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About FIS How is FIS linked to the French National Education?

    FIS has signed an agreement, the “Convention”, with the French Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger (AEFE – Agency for French Education Abroad), which is under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The AEFE itself received a delegation from the French National Education ministry to grant its certification to selected schools abroad. This certification guarantees that the French curriculum is taught in conformity with the National Education instructions, allows the school to present students to the national examinations (“Brevet” & “Baccalauréat”) and validates all school decisions regarding students’ university guidance.

  • About FIS Is FIS a private school?

    Yes, FIS is a private institution. The school is owned and managed by a non-profit organisation (the “French International School Victor Segalen Association Limited”) which is a Hong Kong Limited Company with a charity status. The association is the employer of all local staffs and is responsible for all legal and regulatory matters. All debenture holders are members of the Association.

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