Strategic Plan

The Future of our Students – The Future of our School

At FIS, we are proud of a heritage of 60 years of excellence in education, serving not only the French community, but also students from 45 nationalities on our four beautiful campuses. Nonetheless, our minds are turned toward the future, which explains why our ambitious unifying Strategy is titled “The Future of our Students – The Future of our School”.

Organised around the five petals of our Vision (Students, Team, Learning Environment, Community, Governance) and centred on three key cultural levers (a culture of collaboration; a culture of growth and accountability; and a culture of sustainability), it details close to 20 strategic objectives that will ensure FIS remains extraordinarily ambitious when designing the education of our future graduates.

You may find below a short video presentation as well as a PDF version of our entire plan.

Click image above to access the entire plan (6 pages)