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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Practical Information Extreme Weather Conditions Guidelines
  • Practical Information I am a non-French speaking parent, will I feel part of the FIS community?

    With 2700 students coming from more than 40 countries, we absolutely revel in our diversity. We welcome French, European, American, Indian, Japanese, and students with many other nationalities... and so are our parents!
    Our community is diverse but united around our students' activities and well-being and sharing these common goals, we are more than pleased to welcome you in our community.

  • Practical Information Does my child require health insurance?

    Students are covered by the school insurance within the school premises and during school hours (including ECA's, School trips and school buses).
    It is to the families' discretion to decide to be covered by personal health insurance as well.

  • Practical Information Can my child eat at the canteen or does he/she need to bring a lunch box?

    Our 4 campuses have canteens whose mission is to provide our students with a proper and balanced meal.
    Meals at school also play an educational role on food, hygiene, manners and community life. Every day a complete and balanced meal composed of five essential elements is provided for students from Kindergarten to Secondary school.
    The meals are prepared by our supplier, Chartwells. Menus are available on their website.
    From Reception to Year 2/Moyenne Section to CP, children are served at the table with a single main course.
    From Year 3/CE1, kids help themselves from the self-service station. Those who do not wish to register for the canteen service can bring their own lunch box.
    FIS is a nut-free school for the safety and health of all our students.

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  • Practical Information Which language do students speak between themselves?

    We are nourishing a bilingual environment from early years onwards so one of our great joys is observing how French and English are both used and even mixed.
    Our students are fully taking the best of our 2 co-exisiting streams and being a truly international school gathering more than 40 nationalities, it might be possible to hear other languages in small groups.
    Overall and the more they get older, English tends to be the common language for all of them.

  • Practical Information Does the FIS offer any extra-curricular activities?

    Students' fulfillment within and outside the classroom is a top priority, FIS offers them a large selection of extra-curricular activities aimed at students of all ages and led by certified, professional coaches in French and/or English, after class.
    Over 1,200 of our students register each year and can choose among a very rich and varied selection of sports, arts and educational activities.
    The programmes' content is closely monitored and reviewed every year, with the objective to maintain a high-quality level.
    ECA enables the students both to discover a variety of subjects and to mingle with other students from different classes and streams in a bilingual environment.
    These activities are offered at an affordable price throughout the year and ECA fees include a complimentary shuttle bus service for all Primary students enroled in an activity.

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  • Practical Information Which supplies does my child need to bring to school?

    For Kindergarten & Primary, the school provides stationery supplies and textbooks (to be returned at the end of the school year). No additional fee to be added.
    For Secondary, equipment/stationery, textbooks and reading books can be purchased from the store of your choice.
    Our Bookshops on the Blue Pool Road and Tseung Kwan O campuses also offer school supplies throughout the year at very competitive prices.

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  • Practical Information Will my child wear an uniform?

    ​It is compulsory to wear the FIS school uniform in Primary from MS to CM2, and from Reception to Year 6.
    Secondary students are to wear their PE uniform only during PE lessons and on school outings.

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  • Practical Information Is transportation provided for my child to reach his/her campus?

    FIS works with different bus companies according to the campus and the geographical location of your home.
    The school bus itineraries are prepared by the bus companies and they offer a service matching school hours.
    The pick-up time is defined at the beginning of the school year. All practical information (fees, registration, etc.) is available directly with the bus companies.

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  • Practical Information What are your school hours?

    Each of our campuses have different school hours:
    Jardine's Lookout: 8.30 am to 3.30 m (excluding Wednesday & Friday with school ending at 1.15 pm)
    Tseung Kwan O: 8.00 am to 2.15 pm
    Chai Wan: 9.00 am to 3.15 pm
    Secondary students at Blue Pool Road and Tseung Kwan O campuses follow their own timetable.

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