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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application I applied at FIS and communicated a specific campus preference, a place was offered to my child but on another campus, when can I apply for a transfer ?

    Once you have accepted our Admission offer, we will contact you should a vacancy arises in the desired campus before the 30th of September of that school year.
    After this date, you will still have the opportunity to inform our school if you wish your child to transfer campus for next school year. We will provide a form to fill during the school year. Transfers for the next school year are subject to availability.

    For HK passport holders, in accordance with the Education Bureau and Immigration Department regulations, our school has a quota for Hong Kong passport holders for the Tseung Kwan O campus in place. Consequently, we may not be able to offer a place for this campus to Hong Kong passport holders. Should your child hold any other passport, please inform our admissions team as soon as possible.

  • Application We don’t speak French at home in our family, can we still apply?

    All families are welcome to apply!
    There are a lot of non-French and non-French speaking families currently at FIS, our school gathers more than 40 nationalities.
    No need to speak French to join our International stream where learnings are taught in English and your child will learn progressively French as foreign language.
    And if you are applying for the French stream while no-one speaks French in your family, please contact our Admissions team and we will arrange an informal meeting with you to understand your motivations behind your application and discuss together whether it is possible or not.

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  • Application I would like my child to join the French Stream but in a class with more English learning (bilingual parity basis (BPH) / SIA), what should I do?

    You apply for a specific year group and school year but unfortunately not for an option as it results of a selective process initiated by FIS
    - First, students must already have been educated one full year at FIS in classic class or bilingual immersive (BIM). Yearly, a commission takes place to decide which students are recommended to attend BPH/SIA for the following school year.
    - Then, students from a BPH (bilingual parity basis) class in the AEFE network will be placed directly on the waiting list, after students already schooled at FIS.
    - Exceptionally, if there still are places available in class BPH / SIA after the waiting list has been exhausted, the commission may review student records enrolled for less than a school year.
    In any case, please inform us if you have such an interest upon application and we will take it in consideration.

  • Application Would FIS accept my child if he/she is coming from another school/english system?

    We are happy to welcome students from another school system.
    However an entrance assessment will be required, whether you apply for French or International stream, in order to assess your child's achievements and advise on the appropriate year group she/he could join in.
    We aim to ensure a successful transition for your child and your family and make sure our school is the right one for your child.

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  • Application On which campus do I have the best chance to have a place?

    Unfortunately, we can not answer this question in advance.
    However, in general, we find that our Jardine's Lookout campus is the most requested due to his location on HK island, convenient to many of our families based there and/or working there.
    Our Tseung Kwan O campus is where there is usually most of the places available as this campus has stricter restriction concerning HK passport holders, yet this campus is also becoming in great demand as it allows families to have all the siblings schooled on the same site (French Stream kindergarten, primary and lower secondary or International Stream kindergarten and primary).

  • Application If my child holds a French passport, does he automatically get a place at FIS?

    Being French is certainly a great asset to enroll at FIS but it does not guarantee a place.
    For our French stream, applicants holding a French or Swiss passport will have a priority on the waiting list over other nationalities.
    For the International stream, passport is not a criteria considered in our priority system.
    For both streams, please note that we must comply with the Education bureau instructions in term of maximum class sizes.

  • Application Am I sure to get a place in your school?

    A place at FIS is not guaranteed, and this applies for both streams.
    Many factors are impacting how many applicants we can welcome each year (such as departures of our current students, closure or opening of classes) which we cannot forecast or control ahead of the first day of school.
    This is also the reason why we may invite you for an assessment with the only guarantee to be on a reserve list while waiting for current students to withdraw.

  • Application How to enrol my child at your school?

    You will first need to apply online under the Admissions section of our website.
    There are no application periods, you can apply all year round and as soon as you have a birth certificate for your child.
    The online application takes about 10 minutes per applicant and requires documents such as ID, School reports and Application fee receipt.
    If you have any questions, our Admissions teams are at your disposal to help you.

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  • Application Can I apply for a specific campus when applying at FIS?

    When applying for FIS, you apply for a specific year group and school year but not for a specific campus.
    A year prior to the school year you applied for, our Admissions team will contact you to know if you have any campus preference. Even if not guaranteed, we will try our best to accommodate this preference.

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  • Application What happens if changes occur on my child’s priority status?

    Your child 's priority status may change, for example, by having a mature corporate debenture allocated or as a result of a sibling gaining entry within the International Stream.
    In such cases, your child will be placed onto the waiting list in his/her newly-acquired ranking, according to the date your child's priority status change occurred.