The FIS team

The FIS team is made up of over 400 people from 27 different countries. We are passionate and committed to our work, with every team member striving to offer your child the very best.

Staff distribution


Teaching staff


School support staff


Administrative staff

Gender distribution





Teachers per stream


International Stream


French Stream

Teachers per level


Kindergarten & Primary



At FIS, we are very fortunate to have the best team of teachers, assistants and admin, talented and supportive! Ian CLAYTON, Acting Head of School

Head teachers – French stream

Samuel Thouvenin

Headmaster of Campuses and Secondary studies, French Stream

Anaëlle Barthelon

Deputy Headmaster, Responsible for the BPR Campus

Meriem Belhadj

Director of Campuses and Primary studies, French Stream

Nathalie Mottet

Deputy Head, JL Campus

Frédéric Ollivier

Deputy Head, CW Campus

Alain Delaune

Deputy Head of Primary, TKO campus

Head teachers – international stream

Ian Clayton

Head of International Stream / Deputy Head of FIS

Ross Armitage

Head of Primary, International Stream

Jane Wakeman

Deputy Head of Primary, International Stream – JL Campus

Richard Philips

Deputy Head of Primary, International Stream – JL Campus

Melissa Payne

Deputy Head of Primary, International Stream – TKO Campus

Mark Williams

Head of Secondary, International Stream

Helen Marshall

Deputy Head of Secondary, Y7 – Y9

Pauline Hall

Deputy Head of Secondary, Y10 – Y13

School support management

Claire Chartrain

Head of Vie Scolaire

Carla Dos Santos

Head of Health

Jean-Yves Guarneri

Head of University Guidance and Exams

Administrative management

Katherine Yu

Finance & General Services Director

Alexandre Makozsa

Human Resources Director

Mathilde de Braquilanges

General Counsel

Rozenn Baleix

IT Director