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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finance When will I receive the tuition fees invoices ?

    Tuition Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each Financial Period.
    1st financial period from 01 September to 31 December
    2nd financial period: from 01 January to 31 March
    3rd financial period: from 01 April to 30 June
    The term of the Academic Year which corresponds to each Financial Period must be paid for in full prior to a
    student commencing his/her studies for that term. In the event the student ceases to be enrolled at FIS during a
    Financial Period for any reason whatsoever, no reimbursement shall be granted.
    Payment must be made before the due date. In cases of late or partial payment, interest will be charged on the outstanding.

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  • Finance Can I redeem my debenture?

    Both types of debentures are FULLY redeemable, either when the student leaves the school and all outstanding bills in respect of the student have been paid in full, or when he is now covered by the alternative debenture.

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  • Finance What is a debenture and what is the difference between private and corporate?

    The French International School (FIS) is owned and managed by a non-profit organisation (The French International School Victor Segalen Association Limited [the “Association”]) which is a Hong Kong Limited Company with charity status.
    By purchasing a debenture, the debenture holder agrees to become a member of the "Association" and be subject to its Articles of Association.
    Admission to FIS is conditional on the purchase of a debenture.
    A corporate debenture is purchased by one of the parent's employer (company registered at the Hong Kong Company Registry) and should it be a “mature” corporate debenture (held by a company for at least one year) provides priority on the International Stream waiting list. A private debenture is purchased by the parents themselves.

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  • Finance How much is the assesment fee and what does it cover?

    Our assessment fees are the following:
    ● For pupils applying to International stream: HK$1,000 per student
    ● For pupils applying to French stream and selected by FIS to join bilingual parity basis system or SIA in Primary: HK$500 per student
    The assessment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, whether the assessment is successful or unsuccessful and must be settled prior to the assessment day. It covers the admissions assessment and all related administrative tasks.

    This fee is only valid for one academic year. If an applicant does not gain admission, and thus reapplies for the next academic year, the testing fee must be paid again. Settlement of the assessment fee shall be made via bill payment, bank transfer, online credit card payment or cheque prior to the assessment. FIS reserves the right not to accept an applicant on the day of the assessment if the fee is not settled.

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  • Finance Can my child who is not yet at FIS apply for and receive a scholarship?

    All students currently attending FIS or on our waiting lists can submit an application for a scholarship.

    Yet, for applicants on our waiting lists, the scholarship will not be effective until admission has been finalized.

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  • Finance Are scholarships available at FIS?

    Several financial supports exist at FIS:
    For the French stream
    - French government scholarships

    For the international stream
    - Five corporate debentures taken over by the Thierry Dubois family,
    - Two merit scholarships for students entering Year 12.
    You will find more details on the page Admissions > Scholarships (link).

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  • Finance I have four children, can I expect a discount?

    A 10% discount on tuition fees is granted for your third child enrolled at FIS, and a 15% discount for your fourth child and following children.

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