Pauline de Saint Vaulry

International stream parent

Hello. I have four children at FIS in the international stream, in Y9, Y8, Y5 and Y3. They all started at the school in Reception Class. My eldest started in April 2012 and the three others followed in September 2012, September 2015 and September 2017.
Why did you choose FIS?

We moved to Hong Kong from London, where our eldest, then four years old, had spent a few months in an English school. So we were looking for an English-speaking education here too. We completed a few different applications for international schools, including for FIS, in both the French and international streams. Her application was accepted for the FIS international stream and we decided to enrol her there. The three other children followed soon after. This school suits our education needs well. We are a French family but we also want our children to benefit from an international education and the open-mindedness it encourages.

What is your favourite thing about FIS?

The international stream staff are great. They are welcoming and professional. The international curriculum is also very interesting. It focuses on the progress and personal development of each child. And the closely-knit team of teaching staff are approachable and supportive.

What is your children’s favourite thing about FIS?

They really like what they learn and how they learn. They have all loved their teachers and take part in everything the school organises, from trips and shows to assemblies and more.

Do you have a highlight or story about FIS that would you like to share?

The Treasure Chest Assemblies in primary. Before half term, each teacher chooses two students from their class who have illustrated one of the IPC learning goals particularly well. It is a difficult choice, and the teacher describes who was chosen and why, naming the students right at the end. Everyone applauds the chosen students as they go onto the stage to receive their certificate from Mr Armitage. Their parents are also invited to attend the assembly, which is a real celebration of all the students’ effort and hard work.

How has FIS helped your children grow?

The teachers know their students really well. I am always amazed by the aptness of the teachers’ comments in the end-of-year school reports. And because they know them so well, they can steer them in the right direction. They recognise students’ strengths and help them identify them. The teachers also encourage their students to work on their weaknesses, at their own pace, without focusing on failures. They train students to reflect on their work, understand what worked and what did not work so well, and help them move forward and make progress.

If you had to describe FIS in just three words, what would they be?
Quality education Supportiveness   Open-mindedness


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