George Papadopoulos

French stream parent

We have two children, both of whom are on the TKO campus and in the French stream. Isabelle is eight and a half. She started in Grande Section on the Hung Hom campus and now, for her fourth year at FIS, she is in CE2 on the TKO campus. Ethan is six and went straight to TKO, starting in Moyenne Section. He is now in Grande Section.
Why did you choose FIS?

We are a bilingual family. I have Greek heritage but attended a French school and speak to my children only in French, while my wife, who is American, speaks to them in English. We chose FIS because it is the only fully French school in Hong Kong. We love French and European culture, and we want our children to be immersed in it. 

What is your favourite thing about FIS?

The French language and culture, as well as the sense of community at the school, which is really important. It is also worth noting that having four different campuses is practical. We are going to move out of TKO soon, but Isabelle will be able to continue her studies on the Chai Wan campus, and Ethan at Jardine’s Lookout.

What is your children’s favourite thing about FIS?

Their friends, the fun classroom activities and taking part in extracurricular activities with their friends.
Ethan loves the surprises his teacher arranges online, such as visiting a Chinese temple and learning the meaning of the plant and lotus statues, or the card game to learn how animals move around. They like this fun aspect and these outside the box activities, which should continue into the more senior years.

How has FIS helped your children grow?

We appreciate how thorough the French school system is, with grammar, dictation, conjugation and times tables. It is an education that offers breadth and depth. We are satisfied and our children are thriving.

If you had to describe FIS in just three words, what would they be?
French language French culture  European culture


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