Catherine and Bruno Vax

French stream parents

We have two children at FIS. Louanne, now in 6ème, joined FIS in 2016. She began at the Hung Hom campus, then moved to TKO campus after it opened in 2018. Flavian joined in 1ère at BPR campus at the start of the 2020 school year.
Why did you choose FIS?

We started by reflecting on the system that would suit our children best. And what with being French ourselves and thinking our children may choose to pursue further studies in France or in a French institution abroad, FIS seemed like a perfect fit.  

What is your favourite thing about FIS?

I would have to say the learning environment, from the facilities to the powerful IT systems which enabled our children to study from home without any technical or organisational difficulties. We also enjoy the events the school organises for parents and their children. And we appreciate that the teaching and administrative staff are there when you need them, be it the admissions, accounts or vie scolaire team.

What is your children’s favourite thing about FIS?

My daughter has loved FIS ever since she started her studies at Hung Hom, and she has made many friends during her time here. She loves the extracurricular activities which give her the opportunity to practise more sport and meet new people. As for my stepson, he appreciates the expert advice and reassurance provided by the university guidance department. He also has great respect for his teachers, who are supportive and have excellent teaching skills. 

How has FIS helped your children grow?

FIS provides the means, through innovative tools, resources and teaching methods, together with the personalised guidance, to foster an ideal learning environment. We have noticed that our children are further ahead in their schooling than their cousins in France. Here, they learn English twice as fast, being effectively immersed in an environment which encourages conversations in English. But their academic abilities are also noticeable in other subjects such as mathematics.

Do you have a highlight or story about FIS that would you like to share?

The official opening of the TKO campus was a real highlight for Louanne. Students participated in the event, working hard to prepare for the celebration and they felt a strong sense that they were all part of one large, multilingual and vibrant school.

If you had to describe FIS in just three words, what would they be?
French Renowned  Impressive


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