What’s become of our students?

Since FIS opened over 50 years ago, thousands of students have passed through our amazing school. Here is a testimony from one of our International Stream Students.

My name is Wai Chung T. and I was a student in Year 2 about ten years ago. 

I left FIS in 2013 for boarding school and eventually college in the United States. I am currently pursuing an honors major in Medical Anthropology and minor in Chemistry. 

On top of academics, I have continued my pursuit beyond UNICEF and have been working at a NGO called “Haiti Hands On” that focuses on the empowerment of rural Haitians through education. Since then, I have been on multiple mission trips to Haiti serving with the local community. These experiences have culminated into my desire to join Doctors Without Borders as a physician in the coming future. 

Looking back into my primary school education, I recall the immense patience FIS had for me and my peers that shaped me to become a holistic person desiring the pursue the social sciences. This has undoubtedly influenced me to pursue a holistic subject in my college education. 

I would like to thank FIS for years of guidance.