TKO Art Week: an evening dedicated to children

TKO hosted its first Art exhibition from 29 May to 5 June on the “Black and White” theme. 

The students and teachers were given the opportunity to work with an artist to carry out their artistic project. The children enjoyed collaborating with Desousa, Manny Yip, Rika, Kan, Michelle, Lamdy and Maria Isabel Parra. These professional artists shared their expertise and helped the students generate new ideas. Videography, photography, collage, traditional ink method, collaborative works… all the classes used various techniques and media.


During the opening night, the parents got a chance to discover the original workpieces created by the students and displayed in the Primary building.

This special night was kicked off by a summer concert prepared by Primary students from both streams, and 6è students. Despite the uncertain weather, the show took place outside allowing all the parents to attend. 

Wearing black and white outfits, the students sang songs in French, English and Mandarin, including Yellow Submarine, L’homme à la moto or popular nursery rhyme Liang Zhi Lao Hu (Two Tigers). They were thrilled to share this moment with their families.

The second part of the evening was dedicated to the art exhibition, and both children and parents enjoyed discovering the masterpieces.

“There was a really good atmosphere during this TKO event and the children were delighted” a parent mentioned.

The next day, students got back on stage but this time for a second show, but this time for the benefit of their fellow students. It was the perfect opportunity to perform in front of their friends one last time. 


To see the picture album of the event here: