International Sustainable Development Film Festival 2024

The 3rd edition of the Sustainable Development International Film Festival is resolutely focused on openness. Over 60 films, produced in around twenty participating institutions, from Hong Kong, Asia, and all the way to Santo Domingo, by students and their teachers from kindergarten to high school!

The SDIFF is proud to present a panorama of young perspectives covering all the Sustainable Development Goals in diverse local contexts. Along the different categories of the Festival, we will address the issue of clean water in Haiti, the challenges related to pollution in Hanoi, social inequalities in Hong Kong, threats to mangroves in Thailand, a love story amidst bombings in Rouen, a dragon born from recycling water bottles in Koh Samui, the journey of a single grain of rice in Cambodia… Our young filmmakers have thus been able to explore their environment, meet agents of change, have a collective experience that will leave a lasting impact, and contribute to raising awareness beyond their immediate circle about the causes they hold dear. Finally, their creativity has been expressed through various original audiovisual genres, from documentaries to fiction, including animation films or an exploration of video art in our new category of short films, Impact.

This openness is also the realisation of strong partnerships that contribute to creating a spirit of community and a network around this Festival. The strong support of the AEFE has helped highlight the presence of French schools in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the involvement of TASS (The Alliance for Sustainable Schools) and, through it, several international schools in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Youthtopia and its founder, Melati Wijsen, have actively participated in creating connections among all the participants by organising online workshops open to all, and by connecting us to their extensive network of young changemakers around the world, with the support of the French Consulate. Faced with the challenges we are confronted with, which often seem insurmountable, this collective dynamic is a source of inspiration and hope. We will remember the calls to action from Mundiya Kepanga, the Papuan chief and defender of primary forests, who came to meet our students, as well as David Begbie, the tireless advocate for the most disadvantaged through his Crossroads Foundation, and Flore Vasseur, the director of the aptly named “Bigger Than Us”…

Thanks to the mobilisation of everyone, students, parents from FIS Hong Kong actively involved in organising this event, and all participating schools, this movement is expected to grow even stronger in the upcoming editions of the Festival.

Iv Charbonneau
Festival Director

Video Category: People
Coming Soon! Films will be accessible for viewing on this page from 6 May 2024.
Video Category: Planet
Coming Soon! Films will be accessible for viewing on this page from 6 May 2024.
Video Category: Peace
Coming Soon! Films will be accessible for viewing on this page from 6 May 2024.
Video Category: Prosperity
Coming Soon! Films will be accessible for viewing on this page from 6 May 2024.
Video Category: Impact
Coming Soon! Films will be accessible for viewing on this page from 6 May 2024.

Programme of Events


Wednesday 17th April | TKO Campus | 16h – 18h

  • 16:00 : doors open
  • 16:10 : welcome speech
  • 16:15 : screenings of 4 students’ films with Q&A
  • 17:15 : discussion with Frank Tétart, French Geopolitican and Philippe Schwab, Secretary General of the Swiss Federal Assembly
  • 18:15 : peace award-giving


Monday 6th May 2024 | TKO Auditorium | 13:00 – 15:00

  • 13:00 : doors open
  • 13:05 : welcome speech
  • 13:10 : presentation of Caroline Tronnel aka The French Girl’s sustainable art and Q&A
  • 13:45 : screenings of 4 students’ films with Q&A
  • 14:45 : planet award-giving


Friday 10th May | TKO Auditorium | 13:00 – 14:30

More details to come soon


Tuesday 14th May

More details to come soon


Friday 17th May | TKO Campus | 16:00 – 21:30

(Open to Public)

  • 16:00 – 17:30 : free participation in interactive activities : 

– Workshops
– Sustainability path
– Living museum
– Talks with our exclusive guest, Caroline Tronel aka The French Girl
– Continuous screenings
– Dance show with students and the KHAM Dance Company
– Sustainable Food and Beverage displays

  • 17:30 – 18:45 : screening of the 4 nominated films with speeches and music
  • 18:45 – 21:30 : live music, food and beverage, and Grandy Jury and Public-Awards Giving