A thought-provoking encounter with their Ocean3C mentors for our 6è LCE Science students

This year again, the 6è LCE Sciences students from both BPR and TKO campuses, will be taking part in the Ocean3C-EDU programme led by their teacher Mr Martial Jaume, a 12 week-long collaborative journey dealing with the oceans' role in climate regulation.

To kick off this programme, they had the pleasure to meet (virtually), in the middle of October, their Ocean3C's mentors: Dr Christelle NOT [Assistant Professor, Department of earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong] and Dr Matthew PANG [Science Communication Manager, HKJC Museum of Climate Change, The Chinese University of Hong Kong].

During an hour-long meeting for each campus, our students got to know each other better but more importantly learned about the challenges ahead regarding the current climate crisis. They were reminded how scientists build up strong rationales and why science-based evidence matters.

They also had the opportunity to ask questions to their dedicated mentors in order to enhance their ocean literacy, and received valuable information on topics such as the albedo effect, the ocean water circulation as well as the heat capacity of different materials shared by Dr. Not and Dr. Pang.

It is now upon them - under the kind guidance of their mentors and teacher - to come up with plans and ideas to explain to their fellow students the role of the oceans in climate regulation. They will have an opportunity to do so at the symposium that will be held in January 2021, during which they will gather with 7 other Secondary school groups.

FIS extends its gratitude to Dr Not and Dr Pang for sharing their expertise.

Thanks to their involvement and input, our students can now start researching on their own and live the true life of scientists-to-be!