A sustainable and autonomous greenhouse

We welcomed all students from 5eme at TKO. They were excited to meet, and those who never saw the campus were very happy to discover it.

This event is part of a pedagogical project in science and technology called “Science and society: the world in 2050?”, which was presented at the AEFE competition.

This meeting was a great opportunity for students, but also the teachers and some members of the staff (lab technicians and facilities teams from TKO and BPR) to discuss, share and build together a technical object: a greenhouse, so valuable nowadays!

This greenhouse meets a requirement:

“the one to sustain independently, whatever the atmospheric conditions are” would say a Technology teacher …

“provided that it’s from healthy foodstuff, pesticide free, and only thanks to natural fertilizer” would reply the Science teacher …

“for that, we would need water and renewable energy” would add the Physics and Chemistry teacher.

To sum up, it was a collaborative work imbued with Educational and Sustainable values.

That’s why it is with great pleasure we share with you this video. They illustrate the assembly of the greenhouse with our students on Thursday 28 February 2019.

The pedagogical team EIST 5eme