School trip to Taiwan: discovering geology and tectonic phenomena up close

The 1ère students who chose the Earth and Life Science Specialty course this year went on a field trip to Taiwan devoted to geology. Organized by M. Hoareau and Mrs. Guiard, it aimed at giving the students an opportunity to discover on-site and understand better specific tectonic phenomena, those that led to the very creation of the island and to its current rock formation and mountains.

The trip took place from September 28 to October 4, during which the group stayed essentially around the city of Hualien, on Taiwan’s East coast, 195 kilometres away from Taipei. Hualien was chosen for the exceptional geological spots in its surroundings such as the mountain chains on the coast and in the centre or the Taroko Gorge.

A day-trip was also organized to thermal springs in the Taipei area and to the Tatun volcano located in the North of the island. This was done in partnership with the French School of Taipei, who generously offered the lunch picnic to the group and who welcomed them into their school at the end of the day for a constructive closing meeting.

Back in Hong Kong, the students will use the data they collected on the field and will build, with the help of their teachers, their knowledge around the related notions in the curriculum, and especially those about “dynamics of converging zones”. These field experiences will then be shared with parents and the teaching community in a future event.

A larger picture selection can be found here.


The teachers who organized the trip would like to thank Mr. Tran, FIS Headmaster and his colleague Mr. Vesseau, Headmaster at the French School of Taiwan who generously welcomed us into his school. They would also like to extend their gratitude to Sabine Marcel, Earth and Life Science teacher at the French School of Singapore; Chloé Roy, Earth and Life Science teacher at the French School of Taiwan; and Rodolphe Moulin, Earth and Life Science colleague at FIS, who all contributed, directly or not, to making this trip a success.