Registration for Primary ECAs opens

Registration for Primary extra-curricular activities for the second semester will take place between Saturday 16 December at 10am and Tuesday 26 December.

Registration for school activities is done either online through the Parent Portal, (Websites > ECA Booking) or directly with the external providers.

  • Primary ECAs for the 1st semester will finish on Friday 19 January 2018
  • Primary ECAs for the 2nd semester will begin on Monday 29 January and finish on Friday 8 June.

Please note that there will be no ECAs between Monday 22 and Friday 26 January.

The shuttle bus service continues during the 2nd semester.

The ECA brochures are available on the ECA website page as well as on the Parent \Portal along with the schedules.

We remind you that once a student has enrolled and the activity has started, fees must be paid in full and will not be refunded (cf. Financial Terms). In addition, some activities might not go ahead in case of insufficient numbers.

For more information please contact us:

by phone          +852 2892 3673 / +852 2892 3685

by email           aes-eca@lfis.edu.hk