New experiences for CAS Week 2018

The third Secondary International Stream 'CAS Week: Learning beyond the walls' is officially underway!

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CAS Week 2018

This week is put together with a view to offer learning opportunities outside the classroom with creativity, activity and service in mind and a big emphasis on community engagement. It is very much centred around the CAS ethos as promoted by the International Baccalaureate. During the week, students will not only play an active role in a CAS Programme, but will also strengthen key-skills such as collaboration, socializing and leadership whilst promoting real bonding and community-spirit.

For 2018, 3 groups of students in Years 7 to 10 and teachers headed for Mongolia, Xian and Taiwan while 3 more groups joined Hong Kong-based programmes: Reef and Ocean Exploration in Sai Kung; Social Awareness with refugees & Christian Action and Hong Kong Carousel, combining a selection of workshops: Chinese cooking and culture, Gong and yoga, Clip 'n Climb and Ocean Recovery Alliance.

Happy CAS Week 2018 everyone!

Mongolia Wilderness

We arrived in Ulaanbaatar on Friday, internet access has been limited but we wanted to let everyone know that we are having a great time. Our days have been jam packed with activities. We are currently out in the countryside, marvelling over this truly amazing landscape. We have had a great time visiting a nomadic family in their Ger and helping out with some shepherding duties.
As we start our third day of activities we are looking forward to abseiling and hiking.

Photos here

Hong Kong Carousel

Rock climbing, yoga and trampolines … so much fun!

Photos here

HK Reef and Ocean Exploration

Photos here

Poem by a Student:

Hello mother, hello father,

Here I am at, Camp Reef and Ocean

Camp is very, entertaining,

And I think we'll have some fun if it stops raining!


We went hiking, with Mrs Leonard

She was our trusty, faithful shepherd.

But Mr Wilson lost his children!

Better next time he stays back home in the kitchen.


The team leaders, first-rate creatures,

So much better, than the teachers,

They're so inspiring, that we're perspiring

And those teachers look like they're expiring.


Now I won't scare you, but this is so true

Mr Pham took, a leaky canoe

Last we saw him, his paddling debut

He was heading straight for Vanuatu


Mdme Grobe, was Stand Up Paddling,

She could balance, on a shoestring

But right and left, made her so stressed

Aiming north but ending up due Southwest.


But wait a minute; it's stopped raining.

Kids canoeing, others snorkeling.

Playing team games; that's so much better.

Mother, father, kindly disregard this letter!