MS encounter with dinosaurs

On Tuesday 27 March, the 4 MS classes from Jardine’s Lookout went to the Science Museum. This outing rounded off a long and exciting study of dinosaurs.

Students saw the skeleton of “Lufengosaurus” discovered in Lufeng, China, in 1943. This dinosaur lived in the Jurassic period, was almost 6 metres and was a herbivore.

We also saw a Tyrannosaurus’s skull; its head was much bigger than the Lufengosaurus’s one.

There were also fossilised eggs. We then investigated different activities around biodiversity.

After the visit, we had a picnic at Tamar Park (we loved the crisps ..) among the statues on display at that time on the promenade. We loved the huge pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama, the white horse by Mark Wallinger in marble and resin, the big feet by Matthew Tsang Man Fu and the asteroids and comets by Kacey Wong. We also ran through water jets trying not to get wet ….


On Wednesday 28 March, the 4 MS classes met a real scientist and palaeontologist from the University of Hong Kong.

Mr Arindam ROY gave a power point presentation about the evolution of dinosaurs and along brought along fossils (dinosaur teeth, a small skull …).

One of his specialities is the colour of dinosaurs and he told us that it is now possible to work out the skin colour of several dinosaurs.  We also learnt that the majority of dinosaurs were covered in feathers or down and that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs.

The tiny sparrow might be a direct descendant of Triceratops, surprising isn’t it?

The children learnt lots of things such as details about dinosaurs and some of them dream of going on digs to find real dinosaur fossils …