Mathematics Year: a rich, action-packed year at FIS!

Officially launched on October 2nd, this event aims at showing mathematics in a different light, and specifically to emphasize on the pleasure one can have when doing math-related activities.


6 January 2020 - European Statistics Competition

Fifteen 1è and Terminale students, divided into 3-person teams, recently participated in the first round of the 2020 European Statistics Competition. After this first step, we are proud to announce that the team of Léo B., Gabriel S. and Éric L., has qualified for the second round of the competition.

The performance of these three 1ère students is all the more remarkable that they were competing with Terminale students, since this event brings together, in a single and same category, students of both levels from French schools in France and abroad.

Well done to all our participants, and congratulations to those who qualified. May you continue on this great streak!

6 January 2020 - Mathador Contest

Since November, a few TKO and BPR classes have been training on the online Mathador platform : whether on smartphone apps or on plain paper, our students have been enjoying mental arithmetic. One more than one occasion, students have been witnessed playing on Mathador rather than going out during recess. Unbelievable!
Starting this week, these classes will take part in the the great weekly contest that will take place until the month of May. Hundreds of classes in France and in the world will compete using the 4 operations as their only weapon.
Good luck to all!

9 December 2019 - Alkindi Contest

Today and until December 20 will take place the first round of the Alkindi contest. Co-organised by Animaths, France IOI, Directorate General for External Security and the French Ministry of Education, this contest will lead our lower-secondary students to solve as many cryptography puzzles within 45 minutes, either alone or in groups of 2!




7 December 2019 - Castor Contest

The Castor Contest is taking place at FIS until next week. Organized for 6è to 3è students in both BRP and TKO, it's a great opportunity to discover computer science and digital sciences!


29 October 2019

2019-2020 has been declared "Mathematics Year” by the French Ministry of Education.

The FIS Mathematics Department team has come together in order to enable students to enjoy this very special year. The school year will be punctuated by many events, contests and activities offered to students by our teachers, whether as part of or in addition to the curriculum.

In our school, Mathematics Year will be organized around the following activities:

  • September: Animaths Cup, Autumn 2019. Organized by Jamila REBOUH and Eurielle ANDREANI. After qualifying rounds were held from September 11 to 25, 2019, 25 students were selected (ranging from 5è to Terminale) and took the first test of the contest on BPR and TKO campuses.

Congratulations for their great results !

Our 4 POFM  laureates (French Olympics Preparation to Mathematics) deserve special congratulations, and they will keep working on some tests throughout the year : 

  • 5eme : Leopold C. who arrived first in this category 
  • 4eme : Victoria M.
  • 2nd : Faustine D. and Maelys V.
  • October: Number Race (Course aux Nombres, CAN) starts. Competition for Asia-Pacific area for lower Secondary and 2nde students, coordinated by Daniel CABANE. Online tests with immediate correction and results!

  • From October to March: MATh.en.JEANS workshop, organized by Mathieu BARTOZZI. This program aims at bringing mathematics to youths, according to research principles. The workshop allows students to meet researchers and to discover maths through a genuine scientific approach, whether through its theoretical or applied dimensions.

  • From October to June: IREM Competition – Cycle 3 with all 6è classes taking part. 3 qualifying steps before a hypothetical final round in June. Last year, TKO 6èE students won the Asia-Pacific’s final, so we are hoping for the same success this year!

  • From November 10 to December 6:  Castor Competition

  • From December to May:  Alkindi Competition
    - First round : From Monday 9 to Saturday 21 December (in class, limited time

- Second round: from Monday 3 February to Saturday 14 March (in class and at home, no time limit)

- Finals in Paris: Wednesday 13 or 20 May (TBC). Last year, 3 4è students made it to the finals in Paris.

  • From December to February: European Statistics Competiton

- First round: From December 9 to January 8

- Second round: from January 13 to February 6

  • From March 9 to 15:  9th Mathematics Week with the theme “Let’s Reveal Mathematics”

  • Wednesday 11 March:  20th National Mathematics Olympiads. 1ère students.

  • Saturday 14 March: “Pi Day”

  • Between March 9 and 15: Numbers Race Finals. 30 questions, 7 min. Pure applied mental arithmetic. Lower Secondary and 2nde students.

  • March: APMEP Competition - 3e, 2nde students.

  • March: Concours Général (Open Competition). Terminale S students.

  • Thursday 19 March : Kangourou Competition. Lower Secondary students. Number of participants TBD. 
  • Saturday 21 March: Coding Night 2020 at Lycée Français in Taipei (5e to Terminale students)

  • From January to May: Mathador Competition. Mental arithmetic competition by class (for classes that volunteered).

  • June: Science Awards

More details soon!