How is IEYC/IPC Developing at FIS?

Parents at JL and TKO Campus attended workshops about how IEYC/IPC is developing at FIS.  The workshops focused on the development of Knowledge, Skills and Understanding (K, S, U).

Parents found out that K, S, U is taught, learned and assessed differently – In order for us to teach, assess and for the children to improve their learning we need to know the difference between each of these.

  • Knowledge is to know facts about the world. We learn knowledge through remembering.
  • Skills are actions that we are able to do at any age. Our skills improve with practice.
  • To develop our understanding we use our knowledge and skills to help make deeper connections in our learning.

We introduced our new icons for knowledge, skills and understanding.

  • Knowledge icon is an Elephant: Everyone knows that elephants never forget. I know so many facts and can remember the things that I find out. Go on… quiz me!
  • Skills icon is a Beaver: I am able to use my powerful teeth to cut down trees and weave branches into dams. One of my dams can be seen from space! Serious skills!
  • Understanding icon is a Giraffe: When you’re as tall as me you get to see things with perspective and can make connections.

Parents undertook some practical activities during the workshop to experience the application of knowledge, skills and understanding.