A great success for the Green Committee booths during the JL Summer Fair

It’s the first time at a FIS school fair that we have a whole room dedicated to interactive games and educational information related to sustainable development.

We were joined by these wonderful partners:

Magic Season Organics grows super-duper delicious organic produce and offers to-the-door veggie delivery in plastic-free package; Plastic Free Seas is one of the most relentless local NGOs in raising awareness of marine plastic pollution in HK. One of their interactive games brought to us was a VR game developed by their young volunteer (8 years old eco-warrior Charles) that showed different scenarios in the underwater world; Sous Les Déchets La Plage displayed items found on HK beaches; and Slowood provided no-brainer solutions to help us ditch disposables and pick up zero waste habits in our daily lives.

At our very own Green Committee booth, we offered environmental quiz, recycling game, HK-based eco-directory and a mini-exhibit of first-hand photos of waste management around the world. The display wall was decorated with previous volumes of FIS Green Gazette, plants hanging in upcycled yoghurt pots, and environmental messages made by our primary students from JL.

In unity with the reduce/reuse concept, an installation of unclaimed lost or forgotten lunch boxes and water bottles sat in a cute playpen for anyone to take home. Important message? Take good care of your properties and put name labels on them!  All in all, we have received a donation amount of $1001, which will go towards the Green Committee budget.

Thank you to the Event team for organising the whole fair and having us, and Facilities team for always giving the backend supports.

We are so pleased to meet every one of you who dropped by the Green Venue. If you would like to join the team or simply want to know more about what we do, please drop us an email at and like our Facebook page @ FIS HK Green Committee.

Find out all the photos here.