Franco-German exchange for 3eme and 2nde students

From 22 to 31 January, FIS will welcome 15 students from our German partner school, le Gymnasium am Kattenberge de Buchholz in der Nordheide in Lower Saxony, a state in northwest Germany.

Starting more than 10 years ago with the official partnership signed in 2012, this programme was initiated by Mme Lehning and continued by Mme Eyral; it includes two exchanges between now and the end of April. The French students will be hosting the 15 German students, sharing with them their life in Hong Kong and at FIS. They will work together on a photo exhibition on German traces in Hong Kong, and improve their German at the same time.

Led by their French teacher, Mme Heeren, the young German students will also have the chance to explore Hong Kong: The Peak, the night markets, the Big Buddha, Man Mo Temple etc.

In April, it will be our students’ turn to visit their correspondents in northern Germany to explore Hamburg and Luneburg, among other cities.