FIS wins the 5th Asia Pacific Swimming Championship!

25 FIS swimmers had the chance to represent their school in Sydney for the 5th Asia Pacific Swimming Cup.

Our team believed that they were of as a high a standard as the fabulous organisation of this competition.

12 schools from around the region and almost 300 swimmers competed against each other for 4 days under the sun of Maroubra.

Our team, captained by Xia Ziang Ma and Chloe Darbon, accomplished its mission - exemplary behaviour, good sportsmanship at every level and lots of medals!

  • 29 Gold medals
  • 18 Silver medals
  • 12 Bronze medals

Special mentions for Xia Ziang Ma, Nicole Evans, Eden Nguyen and Paul Hebrard for their excellent performances.

Congratulations to all 25 of our swimmers and a huge thank you to the many parents who came along to support us.

You proudly showed off the colours of FIS HK!

Yann Lassus, Elisabeth Megevand, Thierry Nogaro

Click here for the pictures and here for the results