FIS celebrates excellent 2019 Baccalaureate results

With their outstanding results and their joy when results were announced, this years' cohort proved that the French baccalaureate remains an important landmark in one’s school years, and for FIS students as well.

This year, our Terminale students yet again displayed impressive results, with 44% awarded highest honours (mention très bien) and more than 69% awarded honours (mention bien) or above.

These excellent collective results are completed by outstanding individual performances as well. The average mark of the 45 highest honours students is close to 18/20 and 6 students scored 19/20 or above. Among them, 2 students – Inès V. (enrolled in the European section) et Lison G. (American International Section – SIA) – achieved the incredible prowess to receive a final mark over 20/20!

As Inès explains:

I joined FIS in 2nde. I’ve had some spectacular years here thanks to the amazing teachers I have been lucky to study with… I will never be able to thank them enough as they were the reason why I went to school with a smile on my face and a real desire to learn throughout my high school years.

Lison adds:

I would like to thank all the people who supported us along this year; our teachers, parents, career councellors, friends. The past year was rich and dense with events and learning, whether school material, sports or culture. This year was the last of 13 spent at FIS for me, and I got to learn much more than what was expected of us for the Baccalaureate exam.  [...]  A chapter is closing and I hope everyone of us will thrive in the path they have chosen for themselves. We will foster the relationships we have built over these high school years.

In order to recognise the students’ work and perseverance, FIS hosted a Baccalaureate Medal Ceremony in the TKO campus auditorium last Saturday. An original creation made in the workshops of the Quai de Conti in Paris by craftsmen from the French Mint, the medal encompasses the spirit of the Diploma: Marianne surrounded by laurel and oak branches symbolises the academic value. The engraved student’s name shows their success.

In a warm speech directed to the students, FIS Headmaster David Tran congratulated them and encouraged them as they are about to embark on their higher education journey. French Consul general in Hong Kong and Macau Alexander Giorgini,also gave an intervention. The 6 Terminale class teachers then gave out the medals to their students, before a lovely surprise took place when the parents in the audience started singing to their children a song that had been specially written for the occasion.

May their future be as glorious and filled with success as their results!

Take a look at all the pictures of the Medal Ceremony