FIS campuses reopen in a mix of immense bliss and uncompromising sanitary measures

The summer break may be approaching fast, yet the morning of Wednesday 20 May, 2020 felt a lot like a 'traditional' back-to-school day, at the beginning of the school year...

After close to a 4-month campus closure, it was a great pleasure for all the FIS teams to hear the sounds of steps in the hallways, the ballet of buses driving in and out in the morning, snatches of lectures escaping from ajar classroom doors... and, finally, to see some of our students in the flesh! And the pleasure looked like it was theirs too: most looked delighted to go back to class and see their teacher(s) without having to log into their computer.

For this much anticipated reopening, and as students’ and staff’s safety is the school’s utmost priority, a strict sanitary protocol was set up following the EDB’s recommendations.

All the school services, be it the management team, the Health and Facilities departments, but also the teaching, educational and administrative staff, as well as the cleaning and school bus service operators, have been actively involved in setting up this procedure. 

This plan will now be applied on our 4 campuses:

Before leaving for school

  • All students must have completed and shared with the school a travel history form 

  • They are required to measure their temperature daily before leaving for school and record it in a reference document

  • In case of symptoms or doubt, students and staff are to stay at home. A medical certificate will be required before any return to campus is allowed.

At school

Arriving to school

  • Temperature is checked again (use of thermal cameras and thermometers when getting off school buses), use of hydroalcoholic hand gel

  • Specific contingency plan to be implemented in case of symptoms or doubt: isolation, cooperation with the Hong Kong authorities, campus closure to carry out a thorough cleaning, etc.

During school hours

  • Face masks are compulsory for all students and staff present and must be worn at all times

  • Social distancing is maximized: no canteen, recess to be spent in class, no use of water fountains, lockers ; layout of classroom layout redesigned to avoid any proximity between students

  • Hygiene kits are provided in each classroom

For this first group of students back, everyone seemed to have well integrated the new rules to apply and things went smoothly and calmly, in a mix of joy, gentleness and excitement. The set up may be very different from what we are used to - but the pleasure of learning and teaching was intact.

Thanks to Mr. Consul General for welcoming our Blue Pool Road students, and to all the teachers for their adaptability upon this new "hybrid" phase we are now entering.

We can't wait to see all the other students who will also return to school in the coming days. And we don't forget our dear MS and RC, whom we hope we️ welcome very soon as well.

Welcome back, dear students!



To better understand the new measures and set up at school, have a glance at this one-of-a-kind day and see how things ran on May 20th, 2020 on our TKO campus: