Feedback on the school climate meeting

On Wednesday 16 May 2018, 50 parents attended this meeting and were able to ask the different experts there their questions.

Mrs Riom, Deputy Head, outlined the different means necessary for creating a trouble-free school climate as well as FIS projects. Then Mrs Dutronc, a personal development and communications consultant, was able to target the future objectives, tools and the importance of the role played by parents for a trouble-free school climate. (Presentation here in French)

Next up, Dr Cossoul, a child psychiatrist in Paris hospitals and a clinical psychologist in Hong Kong, addressed school bullying, its relevance, cyber-bullying and psychological help. (Presentation here in French)

Finally, experts from the National Police presented the legal framework and the limits to the implementation of the law, advocating prior mediation.  

Thank you to all the speakers and to those who attended for contributing to such an interesting evening.