Discovering Hong Kong « en español »

The 2nde students and some International stream students have taken part in a Spanish-speaking outing, “Junco Hispano”.

This event included a guided tour of the Hong Kong bay on a boat for the students, as well as the an opportunity to speak with and ask questions to some representatives of the consulates of Argentina, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

This visit was part of the pedagogical unit focusing on cities; their cultural codes, mythical dimension and legends. Back in class, they were assigned to work on producing road-movies.

The Spanish Department would like to thank, for this enriching collaboration: Mrs. María Ana Cuerva – Republic of Argentina Consulate; Mrs Myrna Pichardo Escoto – Policy Officer, Dominican Republic Consulate; Mr. Marco Antonio Gómez – Cultural Attaché, Mexico Consulate; Mrs Lorena Chaves – Guide, Uruguay.

The teachers would also like to thank Thomas Leleux (TleES1) and the parents who tagged along on this tour, who contributed to make this visit a success.