Couture - this Saturday!

FIS is launching a new Fashion Show ! FIS students and students from other Hong Kong schools will reveal their creations and perform on 25 March 2017...

Update on 23.03.2017

Take a look at this exclusive trailer for a fabulous evening!

VIP tickets are sold out - don't miss out on the last tickets before the big night!

Update on 01.03.2017

Tickets are on sale !

Get ready for a night of elegance, fashion, CreARTivity and so much more.

Only 300 tickets including solely 50 VIP tickets available on Ticketdood - 3 different donations are available: HKD250, HKD500 et HKD750

Date: Saturday 25th March

Time: 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Location: Jardine's Lookout Campus

What's next ?

  • Before 10.01.2017: Submit your mood board with 5-6 pieces
  • Before 17.02.2017: Submit 3 photographs of your garnment to participate to Les Trophées de la Mode

What is it ?

Couture combines fashion, music and entertainment under one roof, all for a charitable cause. Reflecting the theme of creARTivity the event will showcase:

  • 30 unique recycled art inspired garments,
  • art influenced collections made by our talented student designers,
  • the latest fashion by notable French brands,
  • spectacular performances.

The art department, directed by Isabelle Bezançon, has an extensive history of creating wearable couture from recycled materials. Our young artists have always surpassed themselves by creating standout garments that exude style.

This year, FIS would like to open the FIS Runway competition to other skillful students from other local and international schools in HK within our fashion community. This new show “COUTURE” is therefore born, a sophisticated event incorporating all types of talented fashion forward individuals in Hong Kong. 

Our mission is to create new modern designs inspired by famous and respected artists and artworks incorporating the theme creARTivity.

FIS is proud to continue promoting sustainable fashion in COUTURE by donating all the money raised to Redress and using our idea of recycled fashion.

General Information

For any queries please contact:  infocouture@lfis.edu.hk 

Visit the website: http://couture.fis.edu.hk/

Visit the Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/couturehongkong/   

Instagram: @couturehongkong