Cap D’Aguilar beach clean up

On Wednesday 20 February 2019, more than 150 students from 6e and 2nde participated in a beach clean up project.

The aim was to clean up the remoted Cap D’Aguilar beach. Initiated and organised by the students themselves and supervised by volunteer teachers, the two main goals were to raise awareness and to share information about the origin of plastic waste, especially single-use plastic. We also focus on the means to prevent waste from ending on the Hong Kong beaches, where polystyrene often replaces the sand and the floor is littered with wastes brought by the sea.

Plastic bottles, plastic caps, polystyrene, straws have been separated by different groups of students and recycling plastic has been retrieved by a specialised recycling company. On that day, each and everyone who attended this activity became aware of the impact triggered by the daily use of plastic and what they can do to stop this form of pollution.

Watch the video made by Marin, a student from 6D