Air Quality Conference for 4ème

At the end of February and the beginning of March, we had the opportunity and pleasure of welcoming two speakers from Meo Air Analytics to two conferences for all 4ème students. Mr. Soussilane and Mr. Piras were keen to help the students understand that air quality is an everyday issue, both indoors and outdoors.

As a matter of fact, our behavior, no matter how harmless it may seem at first glance, can have a significant impact on the air we breathe inside and outside our apartments.

Thanks to their energy and their desire to share their knowledge with our students, Mr Soussilane and Mr Piras offered us a flowing, interactive talk during which students answered questions and were asked to take part.

The students were enthralled, which enabled them to grasp in a more down-to-earth way some of the concepts they studied in Earth, Life and General Science, and Technology in 4ème, such as the composition of air, definition of polluted air and impact on health, particles, sensors, and so on.

It was also an opportunity for the students to understand that the information on air quality provided by some mobile applications, or the role of indoor air purifiers, must be approached with a keen, critical mind.

We thank them for the quality of the conference and for the dedication they gave to our students. Should they in future be able to come back to the LFI, it will be a great pleasure for us to welcome them.