2019 Battle of the Books HK Primary Final

Reported by Sarah Hussain and Nicole Mak

After successfully getting through the Battle of the Books Semi Final on the 2nd of May 2019, only the teams in the final competition stood in the way of the FIS team and the winner’s trophy: Kellett, Japanese International, Marymount Primary, Hong Kong International and Kowloon Junior.

The final was being hosted at the Japanese International School. It was quite a journey to get all the way to Tai Po but we used the time wisely by answering some practice questions on the way. Our team (Nicole Mak (Y6), Sarah Hussain (Y6), Louise Arbey (CM2), Lea Tang (CM2), Joanne Wang (CM2), Isabelle Liu-Martinez (CM2) were well prepared and ready for battle.

We arrived, our minds excited but focused. We got comfortable in our assigned seats and watched the first schools battle - Kellett versus Japanese. My nerves were jangling as I watched the questions being delivered and answers given. That round was a tie, and so was the second.  Then it was our turn. We were competing in 5 rounds, and this was our first: French International School VS Marymount Primary School.  Each team answered every question correctly. It was another tie.  The tension was really beginning to grow.

In the early rounds, I was on the edge of my seat, figuring out the answers and seeing how the battling schools responded.  For me, I was excited and nervous at the same time.

“What are the questions going to be?”

“Will I mess up?”

“How good is the other team?”

These thoughts were running through my head as I stepped onto the stage, and I’m pretty sure some of them were running through other people’s heads too.

As the end of the competition neared, I became more and more tense and by the time the results were about to be announced I was nearly jumping out of my seat. Congratulations to Marymount Primary School for first place!

Throughout the whole competition, Marymount did not drop a single question and managed to pick up a few pass-over questions along the way. They were a tough team to compete against. Even so, we placed highly, with 90 points and were proud of our efforts.

I hope that the Y5, Y6, CM1 and CM2 children next year will consider joining the BoB club. It is fun if you love reading, and the primary objective is to read great books, not the actual competition.

For more information about Battle of the Books, see their website here.