2018-2019 ECA Drama Updates

BPR – Secondary 

The students who took part, this year, in the Drama workshop led by Chrystel Dupuch as part of ECA, performed the play “L’Illusion Comique” by Corneille on May 30 and 31.

A modern and refreshing take of the classic, this adaptation nevertheless preserved the original alexandrines, declaimed with talent by a gleeful troupe of young actors composed of Alix B., Eleanor B., Juliette B., Annaig B., Raphael B., Victoria C., Faustine D., Liam F., Lucien F., Louise G., Abélard L. and Thais N.

The students gave two performances in the Jardine’s auditorium, for two distinct audiences: the first one was for approximately 200 students from 4e to Première and the second one, in the evening, was to their families. Everyone enjoyed the rendition of the play, pleasantly surprised to hear the 17th century-French language along with some songs by the band “Imagination”.

Congratulations to all artists who took on this challenge with panache and enthusiasm!