‘Semaine des Lycées Français du Monde’ (Week of World French Schools) at FIS

As part of the "Semaine des Lycées Français du Monde", all TKO Primary school pupils will work together with French schools in Seoul (South Korea), Santiago de Chile, Vancouver (Canada), Nouakchott (Mauritania), Tunis (Tunisia) and Turin (Italy) on the 5 following themes:


  1. Solidarity on a daily basis in our respective countries.
  2. Global solidarity seen from the perspective of sustainable development and protection of the planet.
  3. Equality from the perspective of respecting differences.
  4. Citizenship on a daily basis, at school.
  5. Responsible citizens who make their voices heard without resorting to violence.

All the classes worked on these themes freely, expressing the fruit of their thoughts through various formats adapted to the age of the students: posters, drawings, texts for the youngest (CP and CE1), or recording web-radio episodes for the older ones (CE2, CM1 and CM2). In total, four programs were produced by our students, answering four specific questions:

  • Solidarity / "Is it necessary to stand in solidarity to be able to live together?"
  • International Solidarity / "How do our personal and local actions globally influence the protection of our planet?"
  • Equality / "Do we have to fight because of our differences?"
  • Citizenship / "A citizen is a person, child or adult, who has rights and duties. At school, you also have rights and duties: can you give an example of citizenship behaviour in your school? »

These broadcasts have been sent to Santiago, where editing will be done to make a web radio program that will be broadcast on the AEFE website.

Congratulations to our students and their teachers for their involvement in this beautiful project!