Welcome back to term two 2024

Issue 49: 12/1/2024 International Stream From the Principal

A warm welcome to both new and existing families as the second term begins after the December break. It expresses the school's happiness in having the students back on campus.

Naming Uniform Items: Due to the changeable weather, the school reminds parents to ensure that all FIS uniform items such as cardigans, jumpers, and fleece jackets are labeled with your child's name. It has been noticed that some students are wearing non-uniform jumpers, so parents are kindly requested to ensure their children are wearing the appropriate FIS winter school uniform items if they are feeling cold in school. This request does not apply to outdoor coats.

Progress Checkpoint: On Friday, January 19th, students in year one to year six will receive our new Progress Checkpoint. This checkpoint will provide information about the objectives covered in English and Maths during term one, as well as the level of the students' learning. Additionally, it will include the NGRT Result (New Group Reading Test) for each child. You will receive further information explaining the language used and how to interpret the data in a separate letter via Engage.

Personal Targets: Alongside the Progress Checkpoint, you will also receive your child's term two targets through Google Classroom. You are encouraged to take some time to discuss and reflect on your child's achievements from term one and add your comments.

To help our students live the School Mission and realise their full potential, practising and supporting their targets at home is really helpful.

Staff Absences: We would like to remind you that if a staff member is absent our own internal cover teachers are used to ensure continuity in the students' learning experience. By having internal cover teachers who are familiar with the students, curriculum, and procedures, it helps maintain a consistent educational environment.

Mr. Doucette, as the full-time cover teacher across all campuses,  plays a vital role in providing coverage when teachers are absent. Additionally, the recruitment of teaching assistants who are qualified teachers but have chosen not to take on a teaching role is a valuable resource. They can step in and teach classes when needed.

It's also great news that Ms. Cooper has returned to school as an additional support and cover teacher for the academic year. Her presence will provide additional support and help ensure that absences are covered.

Lastly, the consistency in curriculum and policies across all FIS Primary campuses is imperative to our teaching and learning. By having cross campus and year group teachers collaborating and planning together ensures that our curriculum coverage is consistent. This approach helps maintain a cohesive educational experience for all students within the FIS Primary program.

Ross Armitage
Primary Principal (International Stream)