An Excellent Education for Everyone

Our mission

To provide, together with families, a nurturing, culturally diverse community that inspires our young people to realise their true potential and be confident, independent learners as well as responsible global citizens with moral values and integrity.

Our team is committed to providing a multicultural, world-class school environment anchored in Hong Kong, delivering academic excellence based on a multilingual education (French, English and Mandarin) and developing caring, respectful citizens, proud to belong to the FIS community.

 “What really struck me is how the French FIS community is really embracing the International FIS community” - Parent of Laura, primary student


Our values

At the French International School, we:

  1. Appreciate individual, cultural and international diversity
  2. Create a challenging and rewarding learning environment
  3. Foster individual personal development including creative and artistic growth
  4. Provide a strong support network with an enthusiastic, highly qualified team of teachers
  5. Encourage academic excellence and provide guidance on career choices for the future

LFI - FIS: what does it mean for us

L is for Lycée, a French term for a school that offers classes all the way to Terminale (Year 13) and for Letters, Languages, Lessons, taught in a stimulating environment which involves the whole community and where students learn to become citizens of the future 

F for Friendly, Fun, Family and for the Future

I for Ideal, Innovation, Inspiring, Involved and International

S for Stability for an excellent education, Students Showing the right attitude, Shaping the next generation, being Safe, lots of Smiles