French Stream

The French Stream follows the French National Curriculum as directed by the French Education Department, with a strong emphasis on language learning and most of its students being bi- or tri-lingual at the end of their studies.

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International Stream

International Stream classes are taught in English. Students follow the English National curriculum to IGCSE and then the International Baccalaureate Diploma, while benefitting from a greatly multicultural and multilingual environment.

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Tuition Fees

FIS is among the most affordable international schools of Hong Kong, while providing a world-class education to its students.
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Purchase of a debenture is compulsory to attend FIS, with corporate or private debentures available. Debentures are fully refundable when a student leaves the school.

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In order to join FIS' International Stream, our students must take and pass an assessment, the format of which varies depending on the applicant's age.

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Our Campuses

FIS has four different campuses organised by levels, depending on the student's stream and age.

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