French Stream

The French Stream follows the French National Curriculum as directed by the French Education Department. 

Application Process

International Stream

International Stream classes are taught in English. Students follow the English National curriculum to IGCSE and then the International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

Which year should my child be in?

Application Process

Tuition Fees

Fees are calculated on an annual basis and settled in three instalments. Payment of a refundable debenture is also required before admission can be finalised. An enrolment fee is due on submission of your application.
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Debenture Information

Purchase of a debenture is compulsory before a student can be admitted to the school. Corporate and Private debentures are available. A Corporate debenture can only be purchased by a registered Hong Kong company. Debentures are fully refundable when a student leaves the school.

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The following financial assistance is available at FIS: 2 Corporate Debentures and 2 scholarships for students in the International Stream and AEFE school grants for French citizens.

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2019-2020 Campus Organisation

FIS has four different campuses organised by levels. Final campus assignment is confirmed when student's admission is.

Departure Procedures

Parents must give notice of their intention to remove their child from FIS by completing and submitting a Student Withdrawal Notice form before the specified deadline date. Allocation of student places is dependent on the space available on each campus. Transfer of students from one campus to another is only possible in extenuating circumstances.

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