Upper Secondary

From Seconde to Terminale, FIS prepares its students for the Baccalauréat, but also for studying at top world universities

New French Baccalaureate at FIS

The 2019-2020 school year marks the end of an era for all Upper Secondary students enrolled in the French curriculum: the old Baccalaureate exam, based on the format that prevailed since 1995, will be the last one.  Former sections “S” (Sciences), “L” (Literature) and “ES” (Economics and Social studies) are to be replaced with “Speciality courses”, that students are free to "mix and match", following a new customised approach.

Starting this year, FIS offers speciality courses that include subjects that were not part of the curriculum before, or at least not in 1ère. Students are now able to customise their curriculum among the 9 speciality courses that are offered at FIS: Arts; History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science; Human Sciences, Literature and Philosophy; Digital Technology and Computer Science; Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilisations (English); Mathematics; Physics-Chemistry; Earth and Life Sciences; Economic and Social Sciences.

While there were 5 different types of specialisation available for FIS 1ère students in 2018, this year they could choose among an impressive 27 combinations – 3 speciality courses to be chosen among the 9 offered at FIS. And in 2020, Terminale students may have to choose between 32 possible combinations…

Introduction to the Workplace

A highlight for FIS students in Seconde is their work experience placement. This takes place at the end of the school year for one week in an organisation of the student’s choice so that the student can learn about a profession that interests them.

Additionally, our University Guidance department runs numerous events and initiatives for our Secondary students in order to help them get familiar with the many different carreer paths they can choose.

Languages for Upper Secondary students

From Seconde, FIS provides three options for students who wish to perfect their language skills.

  • American Section (OIB): provides additional teaching in English for the following subjects – Literature, Theatre, History and Geography.  This section leads to the International Bac.
  • Oriental Section: provides 2 hours of additional classes taught in Mandarin concentrating on language learning, History and Geography.
  • European Section: provides 2 hours of additional classes on western history taught in English.

For more information, see the Language Learning page.

Classes & Subjects

  • New Baccalauréat
  • Option L
  • Option ES
  • Option S
  • Language Sections
Our 1ère students are now able to choose among 9 speciality courses.


History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science

Human Sciences, Literature and Philosophy

Digital Technology and Computer Science

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilisations (English)


Physics & Chemistry

Earth and Life Sciences

Economic and Social Sciences

These classes are for students in Terminale only (last year before the new Baccalauréat)


History, Geography and Citizenship


Sciences (Life, Physics, Chemistry)

PE and Sport


Terminale Specialisation (Further Maths or Literature)

Foreign Literature Elective

Art Elective

These classes are for students in Terminale only (last year before the new Baccalauréat)


Economics and Social Sciences


History and Geography

PE and Sport


Terminale Elective: Further Maths, Political Science or Economics

These classes are for students in Terminale only (last year before the new Baccalauréat)

Physics and Chemistry

Life Sciences


History, Geography and Citizenships



PE and Sport

Terminales Elective: Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Life Sciences, Computer Science

Students can choose whether or not to incorporate on of the following sections which are examined.

American Section (OIB)

European Section

Oriental Section