The French Stream

Students in the French Stream follow the national curriculum set by the French Ministry of Education.

Linked by FIS' Partner School's status with AEFE (a network of almost 500 schools under the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), the French stream follows the French National Education curriculum which leads to the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) and the French Baccalauréat

From Lower Primary to Upper Secondary, teaching the French and English languages, offering an introduction to the local culture and language, showing how to acquire independence, valuing the student, promoting the idea of "living together" and developing digital learning are key to the daily work of the entire teaching and educational team.

The Baccalauréat reform was carefully prepared at FIS, with students now able to customise their curriculum among 9 speciality courses: Arts; History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science; Human Sciences, Literature and Philosophy; Digital Technology and Computer Science; Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilisations (English); Mathematics; Physics-Chemistry; Earth and Life Sciences; Economic and Social Sciences.

François-Xavier Gabet
Head of FIS

For parents, the selection of their child’s school is extremely important and we hope to help you make the right choice.

Since its establishment, FIS has made language learning one of its top priorities and our students are almost all bi- or tri-lingual at the end of their studies. In addition, in order to provide a positive and stimulating environment, FIS offers a wide range of projects for students in the Arts, Sports, Computing and Sustainable Development. We aim to give everybody the chance to meet their full potential as conscious, independent, responsible global citizens with social values.

FIS is part of the Hong Kong landscape: for the past 50 years our school and its community have been heavily involved in the economic, social and cultural life of the territory. Our latest Tseung Kwan O campus is a testament of how FIS is, at its very core, part of Hong Kong’s future landscape.

A Curriculum leading to the French Baccalaureat

For the 2019-2020 school year, close to 2,000 students were enrolled in the French Stream from Reception (MS) to Year 13 (Terminale). The curriculum is accredited by the French Education ministry, and FIS is linked by convention to the Agency for French Education Abroad. 

The “option internationale du Baccalauréat” (American section - OIB), in place for 6ème to Terminale students, offers an advanced level of study in English.

Students share campuses with the International Stream so that all FIS students can be part of one single community. By sharing and being together through activities, all FIS students grow from the diversity and uniqueness of everyone.

An Inspirational Learning Environment

Classes are generally limited to 25 students and foreign languages are taught in small groups by experienced and qualified teachers.

FIS encourages students to excel, work together and express themselves through a large range of activities such as sports days, various student clubs or sustainable development projects. Additionally, many educational visits and field trips are organised throughout the year for all levels. These trips supplement the curriculum and are an integral part of learning. 

FIS School Plan

Learning the French language and the English language, introduction to culture and the local language, acquiring independence, valuing the student, "living together", the development of digital learning are key to the daily work of the entire teaching and learning team.

As the 2015-2018 School Plan came to an end, a review was prepared with Primary teachers.

The focus for the 2018-2021 School Plan reflects government directives, the school’s needs and our local context:

• The different student paths (linguistic & student monitoring areas)

• Training and sharing of teaching practices

• Citizenship education and openness to the host country

Kindergarten & Primary

≈ 1,040
Tseung Kwan O, Jardine's Lookout (MS-CE1) and Chai Wan (CE2-CM2) Campuses
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Lower Secondary

≈ 470
Blue Pool Road and Tseung Kwan O Campuses
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Upper Secondary

≈ 270
Blue Pool Road Campus
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