1ère Mandarin School Trip to Taiwan: 18 to 23 March 2024

Issue 59: 28/3/2024 Strategic Objective: Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) 1ère ,

29 students – 3 accompanying teachers: Mrs. Jiang, Mrs. Gao, and Mr. Casanova

The students studying Mandarin had the joy of coming together to explore this island in its many aspects. It allowed them to awaken their curiosity about the culture and traditions of Taiwan, an integral part of the Chinese world: visiting a popular temple, an exceptional museum, as well as tea picking and other artisanal activities, along with hiking or cycling through magnificent landscapes. The highlight was reached with the exchange that was organized with Taiwanese high school students: the students were able to meet and practice their Mandarin with young people of their own age who warmly welcomed them. This type of trip will undoubtedly strengthen the students’ motivation in their learning of Chinese and in the discovery of Chinese culture.

Jean-Marie Casanova
Professeur Mandarin et Section Orientale