Introducing our new Director of Marketing and Communications

Issue 54: 23/2/2024 ,

I am delighted to introduce our new Director of Marketing and Communications, Mr. Sam Bleakly. Sam was hired after an extensive search process with the support of the Lincoln recruitment firm, which attracted a number of highly qualified candidates from within and outside Hong Kong, as well as from within and outside the education industry. Sam is joining us with his family from the Coto Japanese Academy in Tokyo. Below you will find some more information and Sam’s answers to a few questions I asked him for this entry.


I am thrilled to be here and to help transform our marketing, communication, and event ecosystems.

Why FIS?

Across its four beautiful campuses – its community of educators, students, and parents; create a place where people can belong and excel in their gifts. I believe that FIS is the place where I can leverage my gifts to help the world learn about the treasures that are contained at FIS.  FIS sets itself apart as an organisation by having a clear vision and strategy. I believe that I am called to help share this vision with Hong Kong and the world at large!

Why Hong Kong?

My wife was born in Hong Kong and we have family in Hong Kong.  I briefly lived in Hong Kong in 2013 before work took me to Japan.  Now I feel this is somewhat of a homecoming for myself, my wife, and our two daughters – 3 and 1, and I am excited to build the next chapter of our lives together here.

Do you speak French?

Je ne parle pas français mais j’ai pour objectif d’apprendre les bases du français jusqu’au niveau B1 d’ici l’année prochaine. Si vous me voyez, n’hésitez pas à me parler en français!

What is your favourite Cheese? What does that say about your personality?

My favourite French cheese is Camembert.  I dare not say what my favourite non-french cheese is.

Where are you from?

I am from Wisconsin, in the US. (Why my favourite cheese is not French.  If you want to know which one – you’ll need to ask me in person.)

How do you think you can help spread the word about FIS?

I think there are many ways that we can leverage digital technologies to tell exciting stories happening at FIS.  From Augmented Reality in our yearbooks to AI chatbots as a concierge service for our admissions teams, there are many ways that we can create fun experiences that people can enjoy, while at the same time leveraging them to build awareness of our community.

I would love to see more of everything, more events, more platforms, more media, and most importantly – more opportunities for members of our community to connect with one another and help each other.

I am committed to help achieve the One FIS mission, making it the top-of-mind international school in HK (while having fun along the way).

Dr. Emmanuel Bonin
Head of School