Staff Spotlight: Charlotte Sizer

Issue 49: 12/1/2024 Strategic Objective:

The Staff Spotlight series was introduced to both recognise the hard work of our staff who go above and beyond throughout the year, as well as introduce them to the wider school community, outside of their respective stream or department.

Each issue of Le Bulletin will shine a light on our talented and supportive staff from across the entire school (Leadership, Early Years, Primary, Secondary, French Stream, International Stream, Administration) with some “fun facts” and a Q&A that will allow the community to get to know them on a more personal level.

In this issue, we have Ms Charlotte SIZER.

Fun Facts


1. How long have you worked at FIS?

This is my 6th year here at FIS.

2. In a few words, what’s the most rewarding thing about working at FIS?

Without a doubt it has to be the children. I have been lucky enough to teach children from the age of 3-6 here at FIS. Seeing their curiosity and love of learning develop at such an early age really is rewarding!

3. What is the best thing that has happened to you this year (at FIS)?

Seeing the children’s faces light up when they saw the new playground at CW!

4. What hobbies / interests do you have?

I love hiking in Hong Kong and I particularly enjoy dragging my husband along with me!

5. Best thing about living in Hong Kong?

It has to be the amazing hikes on our doorstep and the wonderful beaches!

6. Favourite type of food or cuisine?

Thai food, especially if it is spicy!

7. Favourite book or movie?

A Star is Born, mainly because I love singing along to the songs!

8. If you could pick any superpower, what would it be and why?

After teaching the unit ‘To the Rescue’ many times in Reception and Nursery – I am prepared for this question. My superhero name would be Super Sizer and the superpower I would pick is to make myself smaller or larger so I can fit anywhere!

Trevor Wilcox
Marketing and Communications Team