Chemistry Olympiad 2024, continued and finished

Issue 50: 19/1/2024 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Terminale ,

On Saturday, January 13, the participating students immersed themselves in the world of polymers for their fourth and final practical preparation for the Chemistry Olympiad. The program included the production of biodegradable plastic films and Slime®, as the photos show!

A big thank you to the whole team for their dynamism: Naomi, Arthur, Jules, Gaëtan, Julien, Maximilien, Alex, Jean, Victor, Gabriel and Niki, who also created the logo for the lab coats.

And of course the technicians May and Jane who ensured that all sessions were a success.

From now on, after a selection phase during February, one student will be proposed to represent the Asia-Pacific zone during the finals scheduled in France in mid-May.

Let’s hope it’s an FIS student!

Julien Sénant
Science Teacher