FIS 60th Anniversary Trams – #ProudToBeFIS

Issue 44: 17/11/2023 Head of School slider

Dear FIS Community,

As the calendar year is coming closer to its end, this message comes as an added celebration of our school’s 60 years of history and of the place FIS holds in the Hong Kong community. As some of you already noticed, since last week and until the end of the month, two FIS 60th anniversary trams have been making their way through the streets of Hong Kong. Please see the official pictures taken with our students and the entire senior leadership team.

I would like to invite you and your students to engage with this exceptional showcase of our school by:

A - taking part in our 60th Anniversary Tram Spotting Photo Contest!

To participate, all you have to do is:

  1. Safely snap a picture of yourself and / or your children with the tram or tram shelter in the background
  2. Submit it via the form: before Friday 1st December.
  3. Your photo will be displayed on that page after admin approval for the community to “Like” between Friday 1st and Thursday 7th December.

The top 10 photos with the most likes on that page will be featured on our official social media platforms, and the top 3 will be announced in the Head of School's entry of Le Bulletin on the 8th of December and win a prize.

B - showcasing how much you are #ProudToBeFIS by sharing pictures and videos through your own social media, tagging @hkfis, and using the hashtags #FIS60Tram and #ProudToBeFIS.

More than ever, indeed, we are #ProudToBeFIS!

Dr. Emmanuel Bonin
Head of School