Eco-Delegates and a successful Open Day

Issue 44: 17/11/2023 International Stream From the Principal

Another busy week flies by at FIS, and last week we asked for volunteers from the students for a team of Eco-Delegates to lead our students in one of the key areas of our vision and mission: Sustainability.  I am pleased to say that we had a great response, and the following have stepped forward:

Eco Delegates 2023-24
Ipshita Somani 8
Sanjana Singh 10
Nina Martin 10
Shannon Singh 10
Briella Chow 11
Lauren Chao 11
Charlize Lau 11
Katie Ng 11
Rebekah Lo 11
Vana Lui 11
Melanie Sin 11
Max Norman 11
Erin Pan 11
Eliana Xie 12
Hayley Siu 12

They will be attending workshops with their French counterparts on November 29 & 30 at TKO and BPR.  This will bring the two streams together in the expectations of the student work in this vital area for FIS.  I look forward to sharing more news of their work during the year.

Last weekend saw a very successful Secondary Open day at the BPR campus, organised by our wonderful Admissions team and attended by over 200 people (parents and students) who took part in great activities run by our teachers in both streams.  There was a real sense of one FIS as students and teachers from both French and International Streams joined forces to showcase all that is good about the school.  Next week we will start to hold admissions tests and interviews for the many families who wish to join our long-established school and become part of our diverse and engaged community.

Mark Williams
Secondary Principal (International Stream)