IS Primary Opportunities

Issue 39: 6/10/2023 From the Principal

Our Students: Spirited and Confident

Our assembly theme for the next few weeks is the IPC Personal Goal Respectful.  For our students to be respectful means I aim to be considerate of people – their opinions, rights and cultures, and the environment.  

This personal goal also links to the FIS Primary Code of Conduct. On the parent portal, you will find:

We have some sporting fixtures next week

Our Community: Diverse and Engaged

Next week, we have parent workshops for our IEYC and IPC curriculum. Marina, our secretary, sent out Google sign-up forms. 

It has been wonderful to see parents In our early years (Nursery and reception) at CW and TKO, attending “stay and play” and discovering how our youngest learners learn through the IEYC curriculum.  As mentioned before, parents will also be invited to be “secret readers” to surprise our early years students by reading stories from their home country in their mother tongue. 

Our Team: Talented and Supportive

Ms Payne will be in Singapore next  Thursday and Friday, leading training for staff in an international school in the IEYC.

Ross Armitage
Primary Principal (International Stream)