Civic Education Week

Issue 40: 13/10/2023 From the Principal

A week of civic education is drawing to a close, marked by the elections of delegates and eco-delegates in classes from CP to CM2. We congratulate the lucky candidates, but we also congratulate all the students who stood for election! We’ve seen motivated and interested children make great proposals for civic action and take part in the life of their campuses!

For the past 3 weeks, students have been working on civic engagement. In-depth classroom work has enabled them to discover and experience the electoral process. Students were first introduced to the role of delegates and eco-delegates, then primaries were held. Last week, the election campaign was in full swing, with speeches and posters presented by the candidates. This week, CM2 classes manned the polling stations and welcomed classes from CP to CM1 to conduct the elections. It was a unique opportunity for the children to present their electoral cards, sign the voters’ list, go into the polling booth, and finally count the votes.

Delegate councils will soon be scheduled to bring together the elected delegates and eco-delegates to define the initiatives to be implemented for the coming school year.

Meriem Belhadj
Principal of Primary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)