Integration Day – 6ème

Issue 36: 15/9/2023 From the Principal

Play, collaborate and start the year off right!

Ms Chartrain, now Deputy Principal for the TKO campus, has been with FIS since 2019.

Formerly Conseillère Principale d’Education, with a background as a French teacher in an international school, she joined our French high school management team 2 years ago.

Voici sa contribution cette semaine au bulletin :

“While back-to-school day is always an important moment for all students who are happy to meet up with their classmates (and teachers), it’s a very special time for our 6ème student who are taking their first steps in their Secondary school education.

To turn this moment into an opportunity to collaborate and get to know each other, the health, library and Vie Scolaire departments and the PE teachers have devised an integration day, typhoon or no typhoon!

On the programme: games on back-to-school emotions, collaborative workshops on the creation of a paper tower, a treasure hunt in the library and mini-olympics.”

Claire Chartrain, principale adjointe du campus de TKO

Principal of Secondary Campuses & Studies (French Stream)